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In 1965, we purchased our bindery from the University of Montana in Missoula, and it became Shaffner’s University Bindery. It was located in Pattee Canyon, in Missoula. For a number of years the bindery continued to bind periodicals and library books for the University. In 1978, the Bindery was moved to Highway 93 South.

Over the years, bookbinding has changed. Big binderies have become more mechanized and have taken over the business of binding large volumes of books for big libraries. Our bindery began to concentrate on binding for schools, smaller professional libraries and individuals. In 1990, the bindery name was changed to Shaffner’s Bindery.

Today, the bindery still binds school and library books; however we specialize in theses and genealogy binding, and restoration or rebinding of personal books.

Our employees are highly skilled and knowledgeable. Because of this we are able to offer a wide variety of services, from class A library binding to careful restoration of extremely old and fragile books.


In 2009 our Bindery moved back to Pattee Canyon in a new shop next door to its original location. We are delighted to be back in the canyon after 30 years. We are celebrating 48 years of bookbinding in a family run business, and are happy to assist you with your binding needs.